A Zero Waste Christmas Festival at The George

Ireland produces about 85,000 tonnes of packaging waste every Christmas. If you have difficulty picturing large numerical quantities like that, just imagine a distraught bunny rabbit hopping around with panicky eyes in an endless hell of garbage and you’ll get the sentiment. Ok fine, let’s be realistic, it’s a rat. A white rat. A white Christmas rat. But still, do you really want to contribute to this scene?

Mais non! You can keep your bins a little more empty and your recycling pile more dignified by buying gifts from conscientious vendors and getting tips on cutting down on waste from the various free talks going on at this festival. Learn to make better choices of materials, reuse and upcycle and make this a better Christmas for everyone on Sunday 1st of December at The George (George’s St) from noon to 6pm.

Because if Climate Change has its way, there’ll be no snow left in Lapland and Santa’s sleigh will grind to a halt. Not to mind the fact that he won’t be happy with the heat – in nothing but a pair of red shorts, shades and a white sweatband – rolls of flab no longer tastefully concealed in his cosy red fur-trimmed suit – confidence shot with his usually supportive elves all off at the beach. Are you really going to do this to Santa?

So have a heart and bring your friends along to the Zero Waste Christmas Festival by hitting the button below to create a link you can share – if there’s as many as you want up for some time you propose on the day, Bubblbook will make it happen! 

Author: Morgan Thunder