It might mean taking a Dart but it’s a big one so definitely worth it. There’ll be market stalls, Santa’s Grotto, a giant ferris wheel and even a rollercoaster. The Market opened on Sat 30th of November and runs until Monday 23rd December. The main market and carnival take place around Moran Park. Kind of a big deal this one!

There are actually 2 things going on here – the traditional Christmas Market, but then this year there’s also the Christmas Festival which includes the Vintage Carnival. That is the part in Moran Park with the Ferris Wheel, Rollercoaster, Santa’s postbox and more. Outside of that you have the market with lots of authentic handmade gifts and all sorts of gourmet street food and delicious treats. This, along with the Dublin Castle Market, is one of the biggies that will be really worth heading along too.

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Author: Morgan Thunder