Once upon a time in Wuhan, the universal signal for dinner-time appeared in the sky.


But unknown to the Wuhanians(???), the bats were tired of being eaten (instead of feared) and had hatched a particularly nasty viral infection of a plan to wreak havoc on the planet.



Given China’s position as the world’s top deliverer of anything and everything, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world fell foul of the new virus. Those with a fetish for popping bubble-wrap were the first victims – oblivious to where the air inside had come from…



Soon the only thing you could read about anywhere was the Coronavirus pandemic



All sorts of advice emerged on how to prevent infection



Social distancing became a requirement… with serious consequences advertised for anyone who stepped out of line!



Between the constant news updates and wacky cures being put forward it became hard to find the time to sit back, relax and forget about it all



Paranoia about touching anyone or anything quickly set in…



Despite there being absolutely no threat to most supply lines, government announcements about lockdowns inexplicably lead to horror in the supermarkets:



But at least the idiots who stockpiled toilet rolls for no apparent reason were now safe…



Conspiracy theories began to do the rounds



But the biggest impact was on all the poor souls who now had to work from home



It wasn’t just your everyday Joes who were impacted – celebrities suffered too. Jennifer Aniston posted this selfie after just 1 week of lockdown:



As everyone slowly stopped taking care of their appearance, Zoom became the only place where anyone was to be seen by those outside their household



Easter came and went with barely a sound



It was like it had never happened…


This church made it clear that attendance was not an option



Of course the human spirit is irrepressible and so people began to see the positives. Many vowed to take the opportunity to develop new skills



And with all hairdressers and barbers closed, interesting images began to emerge of improvised lockdown-haircuts by unqualified housemates



Of course as soon as we weren’t allowed out, the weather suddenly became glorious



Although some jobs did get significantly easier



Before long people started to wonder when it was all going to end



And those of us who had been looking forward to the summer music festivals started to hallucinate



The story isn’t over yet but one thing is for sure – 2020 has been a special kind of year 



and whatever happens, there will always be more memes…


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Author: Ameya Godse

Ameya Godse is a Digital Marketing Executive with Bubblbook Ltd.