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How to win a €100 One4all voucher!

Christmas is a time of giving and so giving is what we'll do! We know what a pain it can be to get your friends to agree on a day to meet up over Christmas and since we have just developed a free, quick and easy group scheduling service, we've decided to help.  On top...

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Zero Waste Christmas Festival

A Zero Waste Christmas Festival at The GeorgeIreland produces about 85,000 tonnes of packaging waste every Christmas. If you have difficulty picturing large numerical quantities like that, just imagine a distraught bunny rabbit hopping around with panicky eyes in an...

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7 Magical Christmas Markets in Dublin this 2019

Ah Christmas Markets! The last bastion of honest yuletide commerce in a world dominated by evil corporate conglomerates. Their only notion of Christmas warmth being the body heat rising from the throngs they've stirred into a buying frenzy as they squirm eagerly...

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A Better Way to Herd Cats

Anyone who's every tried to get their friends together for anything will know what a pain it can be. We all have our styles of organisation - some like to lay down the law and just tell everyone the what and where and when - and then act hurt when no-one shows up....

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The Hungry Tree

The Hungry Tree in Dublin is an 80-year-old London Plane tree that’s currently in the process of devouring a cast iron bench. As the years have passed, the tree has grown, causing it to swallow the parts of the structure that stands in its way. Its gnarled bark now...

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